Fibre optics have arrived!

Optical Fibre

Since Tuesday 27 December, the Clos du Piheux has been equipped with fibre optics.

As an end-of-year present, we've been enjoying fibre optics for a few days now, much to the delight of the whole family! We can live in the countryside and still be connected!

And because we're all about sharing at Le Clos du Piheux, guests can surf at the same speed as us - well, almost!

Although we mainly receive "holidaymakers" whose priority is not the speed of the network, they will nonetheless be able to take advantage of it and consult tourist information even more easily on the website of the Tourist Office of l'Anjou Bleu or more generally on the'Anjou for example.

We can also offer professionals who stop over at the house a faster internet connection so that they can work remotely more easily and why not extend their stay between two appointments. The rooms have a desk and it is possible to dine on the premises, provided you book your meal 36 hours in advance.

Finally, the installation of the fibre will suit everyone and if some people wish to disconnect completely during their stay at Le Clos du Piheux, it will always be possible to give their devices on arrival and then collect them on departure!

In all cases, don't hesitate to book online to block your stay and ask me here for to obtain further details.


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