Le Clos du Piheux supports Isabelle!

From PATOU TRAIL to PATOU T'allure, Isabelle Chevillard's sporting challenge

Isabelle Chevillard has renamed this 20km race with 1250 m of ascent to make it a solidarity race and a personal challenge!

The aim of this race is to :

  • Collecting donations for the Women's Committee 49 who acts for prevention and information on breast cancer. The aim is to raise €1 per metre of ascent, i.e. €1,250!

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of sport on the physical and mental health.

I chose to combine le Clos du Piheuxa guest house in Anjou Bleu, to theIsabelle because she's my friend and my way of encouraging her in this project.

Unfortunately, breast cancer affects us all in one way or another, so let's talk about prevention and let's help research!

Make a donation to the fund set up by the Women's Committee 49 for this event is to support Isabelle's project, but that's not all!

The race takes place on 19 June!

Don't hesitate to contribute to the fund so that it reaches €1,250! Thank you so much for her!


PATOU poster

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